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June in South African history

  • 30 Jun 2003. The Guardian confirms that British arms manufacturer BAE Systems paid millions in secret commissions to win a contract to supply Hawk jets to South Africa.

30 Jun 1854

The first elected Parliament of the Cape Colony meets.

27 Jun 1985

In line with Denmark, Sweden and Norway's decision to end their air agreements of 28 Mar 1958 with South Africa, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) must end flights to South Africa within half a year.

25 Jun 1999

President Thabo Mbeki announces the establishment of a special criminal investigation unit that will tackle high-profile crime, including public corruption. This unit later becomes known as the Directorate of Special Investigations, or, more popularly, the "Scorpions."

24 June 1995

South Africa's Springboks, led by Francois Pienaar, beat New Zealand's All Blacks 15-12 in the Rugby World Cup Final.

19 Jun 1985

UN Security Council resolution 566:

"14. Urges Member States of the United Nations that have not done so to consider in the meantime taking appropriate voluntary measures against South Africa, which could include:

  1. Stopping of new investments and application of disincentives to this end;

  2. Re-examination of maritime and aerial relations with South Africa;

  3. The prohibition of the sale of krugerrands and all other coins minted in South Africa;

  4. Restrictions in the field of sports and cultural relations."

18 Jun 2008

The Pretoria High Court rules that Chinese are to be considered non-white for the purposes of Black Economic Empowerment.

18 Jun 1985

Finland's parliament's foreign affairs committe appeals to the Finnish government to end all economic relationships with apartheid South Africa.

18 Jun 1918

Nelson Mandela is born

17 Jun 1999

Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is appointed as South Africa's Health Minister.

15 Jun 2006

Former South African rugby chief, Brian van Rooyen, is banned from serving in any capacity on the general council or committees of the South African Rugby Union.

14 Jun 2005

President Thabo Mbeki relieves Deputy-President Jacob Zuma of his duties, due to corruption charges against him.

14 Jun 1929

The National Party, led by General JMB Hertzog, wins the most seats in the 1929 general election of the Union South African.


South African Party


National Party


Labour Party





14 June 1913

The Immigration Act is passed. This limits the free movement of Asians, and restricts their entry into South Africa.

13 Jun 1912

The South Africa Defence Act is passed, and the Union Defence Forces (UDF) formed.

9 June 1924

The National Party wins the most seats in the 1924 general election of the Union South African.


South African Party


National Party


Labour Party






7 Jun 1985

The Norweigian Government introduces the following measures:

"(a) Norway's import of goods from South Africa will be subject to automatic licensing, and opportunities to reduce trade with South Africa will be evaluated by the authorities in cooperation with business, industries and organizations concerned.
"(b) In co-operation with the parties concerned, the Ministry of Justice should consider a statutory prohibition on the sale of Norwegian crude oil to South Africa.
"(c) In cases where raw materials have traditionally been imported from
South Africa for processing in Norway and where the switch to other suppliers would imply considerable extra costs, the Government will consider the question of giving government financial aid to help the companies concerned to readjust.
"(d) Following an understanding between the Government and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, a scheme will be set up to ensure that the authorities can record transport of crude oil to South Africa on ships registered in Norway. The Norwegian Shipowners' Association will send these records to the Ministry of Trade and Commerce in the form of quarterly reports on the volume of oil transported and number of ships involved."

5 Jun 1985

The Australian Government announces that it will boycott any company with a majority South African ownership.

2 Jun 1999

The second multi-racial democratic elections in South Africa:


African National Party


Democratic Party


Inkatha Freedom Party


New National Party


United Democratic Movement


African Christian Democratic Party


Freedom Front


Pan Africanist Congress of Azania


United Christian Democratic Party


Federal Alliance


Minority Front


Afrikaner Eenheidsbeweging


Azanian People's Organisation




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