I feel that I need to position the following article - it was written in mid 2006, and Afrihost have improved their systems to the extent that you can now adjust your DNS yourself within their systems. At some point I will carry out a full review of Afrihost's services.

My dissapointing Afrihost experience

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These guy actually end each email with "The Best Web Hosting...Ever!", whilst they don't carry out the services they advertise, their systems are antiquated, and they charge you 5 times as much as other hosting outfits (for the services they don't do).

Afrihost's misleading advertising

I have a few websites with Afrihost...but will never buy anything with them again, for the simple reason that they cant be trusted to stick to what they advertise they'll do.

Afrihost don't stick to the advertising on their website. For instance, they advertise "DNS Management" as part of their services....what they fail to mention is that their definition of "DNS management" is to point the DNS to their servers and ONLY their servers.

"when we specified dns management on our website that basically meant setting up the dns for the domain to point to our servers"

Some management that is - the only thing they'll manage is for the DNS to point directly at their own servers!

What a load of rubbish.

Afrihost screws you

I also have some websites hosted with a competitor of Afrihost (GoDaddy)...in comparison GoDaddy does DNS management for a fifth of the price Afrihost claims they'll do it for you (but in fact they don't follow through).

Afrihost's antiquated systems

With GoDaddy when you want to change your DNS you log in on the internet and change the DNS anytime you want to, all by yourself. Afrihost you have to manually send an email to them asking them to change the DNS and then wait for them to read it and if you beg long enough they might just change it for you (you are not enabled to do it yourself like with GoDaddy)