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Storage Units in South Africa 2024/2025/2026

When travelling you may want to store your goods somewhere. The best options for self storage in South Africa are:

  • XstraSpace, who double up offering both storage as well as office space.
  • STORAGEtown self storage units; run by Louna Engelbrecht and based in Bellville.
  • Extra Attick offers self storage in Cape Town, Airport Industria area (Cape Town International Airport).
  • Storageland, self storage in Cape Town (Ottery, Sun Valley and Westlake)
  • Ustore, but they had a page error when we visited their website :(
  • Storage guys, who offer self storage and warehousing in Cape Town.
  • Stor-age self storage". These are two different brands run by the same company, "Stor-Age Property REIT Limited". They are, however selling the same storage units, so it's a bit sneaky of them to double up and sell them under two different websites.
  • "Storage King" which, confusingly, is different to the "Storage King UK" brand being run by the Stor-Age Property REIT.
  • PODit self storage, who you can ask to pick up your things to store, or get it delivered yourself.

"Stor-age self-storage"

"Stor-Age Property REIT Limited" (REIT is short for "Real Estate Investment Trust") listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (its JSE short code is "SSS") on 16 November 2015, with immense demand for its shares in the IPO. Stor-Age was the first storage REIT to be listed in South Africa, a sub-sector which has done really well in the United Kingdom and United States. Whilst the company listed in November 2015, it has been around since 2006 as a private company.

Stor-age self storage units in Pinelands, Cape Town

Stor-age's hyphen issue

It's a rookie error to have a hyphen in your brandname ("Stor-age"), as people aren't that good at typing hyphens into urls; so I'd suggest that "Stor-age" change their name and purchase the url. I could be wrong, but I suspect that what's at play is that the owner of wants an exorbitant amount for the url. This would be a similar situation to what Facebook found itself in, as they had initial named themselves thefacebook as the url had already been purchased by somebody else, who wanted a large amount of money for it. Eventually they sucked up the cost, bought renamed themselves, and the rest is history.

The contact details for are redacted, with not even the web hosting company being shown.

Contact details for

Where are the storage units?

At the time of writing, Stor-age owned 74 properties with storage units around South Africa and the UK. The UK storage units are sold under the Storage King brand.

In 2020 Stor-Age entered a jv with Moorfield, a United Kingdom property asset manager, to develop selt-storage units in the UK.


At the time of writing the major shareholders in Stor-age were:

  • Foord
  • Maego
  • MandG
  • OMIG
  • PIC
  • Prescient
  • Prudential
  • Sesfikile Capital
  • Stanlib


At the time of writing, borrowing facilities were available to Stor-age from Futuregrowth, Investec, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Lloyds Bank (in GBP) and Standard Bank D (in GBP). The loans were secured over a variety of Stor-age's properties.

Stor-age properties in Berea, Bryanston and Randburg

Storage King SA

My understanding is that Storage King SA is unrelated to Storage King UK, which is owned by the Stor-age Property REIT.

Who is The contact in the registry is Xneelo, an internet hosting company, with the Registrant name having been redacted.

Contact details and registrant of

However, on their website it says that Dylan Rodrigues and Antonio Rodrigues founded Storage King in 2012.

Storage Franchise Opportunities

In South Africa, storage franchise opportunities are offered by:

  • Storage King ; who charge a monthly fees of 8% of sales for management (with a minimum), 4% of sales for advertising and additional monthly fees for taking on the debtors clerk function. There is also an initial franchise fee, the franchisee would need to pay for working capital, and a setup cost.

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