President Hotel Protea reservations

The President Hotel Protea is a four star hotel situated on Alexander Road in Bantry Bay in Cape Town (Western Cape Province of South Africa), and has beautiful views.

President Hotel Protea in Bantry Bay, Cape Town

Contact details for reservations

4 Alexander Road
Bantry Bay
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 434 8111
Fax: 021 434 9991

Blogs about the President Hotel

28 Jul 2009
President Hotel

Anja stayed at the President Hotel Protea, where she was attending an IAS Conference. She described the hotel as "absolutely gorgeous", " the large windows in my room overlooked the ocean, mountain, and beach houses".

The view from the President Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town

Saunders Rocks tidal pool with the President Hotel in the background Saunders Rocks tidal pool with Lions Head in the background

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