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"People of the hippo", as Bakubung is also known, is built in the shape of a horseshoe, designed such to ensure that guests have optimal views of the African bush and the wandering warthogs, hippo and buck that venture close to the entertainment areas, hotel studio rooms and chalets.The Pilanesberg Game Reserve is a comfortable two-hour drive from Gauteng, and is located just beyond Sun City in the Pilanesberg National Park. The Park is situated in an eroded volcano that is in excess of 1000-million years old, one of the oldest of it's kind in the world, it's rare rock types and structure make it a distinctive geological feature, rating high amongst the worlds outstanding geological phenomena. The Lodge is part of the Heritage Environmental Management Program and has been awarded Gold Status by the Heritage assessors for the past three years. The Lodge is currently in contention for Platinum Status.

Bakubung Bush Lodge in the Pilanesberg

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2013-06-09 We were booked to spend three nights at Bakubung Game Reserve. We drove to Pilanesburg, where the reserve was located, from the airport. The drive was very tiring considering that we flew from Cape Town the same day. We drove past Sun City and we very pleased with our room at Bakubung once we had signed in. The d├ęcor was modern and the furniture in the room was chosen for comfort and we needed that on this holiday. I was impressed with the bathroom's earth colours that gave it warmth. We were on the ground floor and the sliding doors at the back of the room were opening to a veld with wild animals which could be seen grazing just outside. We were also very close to the dining facilities as well as parking area. We unpacked and started our holiday in Johannesburg. This was the first of three places we were going to spend three nights in before returning to Cape Town by Premier Classe train on the 12 July 2012. :

Rating = 5/ 5

16 Sep 2009

We visited Bakubung Bush Lodge, and not only did we catch this Vervet Monkey stealing sugar from our room, but we also enjoyed the game viewing in the rest of the Pilanesberg.

Vervet Monkey at Bakubung Bush Lodge in the Pilanesberg, South Africa

Mathews' vacation at Bakubung Bush Lodge
11 Apr 2009

The Mathews family spent 2 days at the Bakubung Bush Lodge the highlight of which was the safari trip, and in particular how close the wildlife got to their 4x4. elephant gets close during a game drive near Bakubung Bush Lodge

Rom from Taiwan
In the Bush
5 Mar 2007

Rom spent a night with her Mom at Bakubung Lodge (and apparently some daytime at the pool). On their game drive they saw wild dogs, lions, elephants, hippo, rhino, giraffe, monkeys and much more.

pool at Bakubung Lodge in the Pilanesberg

Bakubung Lodge

Bakubung Lodge's rooms (including one wheelchair accessible room) are arranged in a semi-circle (horseshoe) with a hippo pond in the middle, where warthogs and antelope are common.

Getting there

You can drive or fly to Bakubung Lodge. GPS co-ordinates are:

  • South 25 degrees 20 minutes 43 seconds

  • East 27 degrees 03 minutes 22 seconds


Bakubung Lodge is a 2 hour drive from Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Typical day at Bakubung Bush Lodge

Go on game drive in the early morning and late afternoon/evening. Sit around the pool during the day, or visit Sun City. Eat at the restaurant or have a South African braai (barbecue).

Don't forget to bring

Binoculars, to help see the wildlife.


23 Feb 2009

Seven wild dogs are released from their holding boma into the Pilanesberg National Park. Their last meal had been on the 20th Feb 2009, and an Impala carcass was used to lure the hungry dogs out of the boma. The dogs spent much of the remainder of the day resting in a thicket some one and a half kilometres from the boma, keeping out of the heat of the day. Later on in the afternoon they were sighted on Tshukudu E Ntsu drive - the first sighting of wild dogs in the Pilanesberg National Park in over a year.

Comments about Bakubung Lodge

Here's some comments about Bakubung Lodge from Tripadvisor:

  • "Directly on the fenceline to the Pilansberg National Park, so if you are lucky you get to see some game at breakfast already."

  • " there's a great pool with its own bar and views across a watering hole into the park."

  • "I splurged and got myself a nice massage, great massage actually."

  • " love to see from the bathtub out into the bush :-)"

  • " There's plenty to do - tennis, table tennis, etc. and of course organised game drives and a shuttle bus to Sun City if that's your gig."

  • "from your room you can look out to the wild is amazing and only a small 4ft fence seperates the hotel grounds and 'the bush'."


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Bakubung Bush Lodge
Bakubung Gate
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PO Box 6805
North-West Province
South Africa

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