Emperors Palace review

We like overnighting near O.R. Tambo International Airport when we fly, so that there's no rush to to get the airport. After not being entirely satisfied with our last stay at the Garden Court O.R. Tambo, we decided to give Emperors Palace a try (also in Kempton Park). Let me start by saying that our daughter absolutely loves the Emperors Palace, and said that we must have every holiday here from now on! The other highlight of Emperors Palace was the friendliness of the staff.

No porter

Our stay at Emperors Palace got off to a heavy start, when their reception told us that they only have porters available from 4pm (we had arrived at 3pm) - with 2 kids in tow and loads of luggage, porters are a Godsend. I pushed our luggage through the hallways packed with lots of hotel staff wandering around - it seems a suboptimal use of resources to have all these staff inside the hotel, but nobody at the entrance to assist with luggage - first impressions last.

Taste of Mumbai

The meal at the Taste of Mumbai restaurant was very much enjoyed. We had the buffet, a bargain at R99 each (and I love the fact that you don't have to wait for your food). One of the waitresses turned into a babysitter, which was lovely of her. I recommend this restaurant.


We were staying in the Peermont Metcourt Suites part of Emperors Palace. The hotel room was spatious and modern, but there was no view - if this was a cabin on a cruise ship we'd call it an "inside cabin" - the upside of which was that it was still dark at 6pm, so we slept well.

I found it very difficult to set the shower at a reasonable temperature, and even when it was calibrated at a certain temperature, the temperature varied. The button to change from shower to bath didn't work, so to fill up the bath you had to do it with the shower.


I appreciate a good comeback. At breakfast the skim milk was sour, and after seeing me spitting the cereal back into my bowl, a waitress came, apologised, and replaced it.

They did have a copy of the Business Day at breakfast, which makes it even more peculiar that Garden Court O.R. Tambo, which is situated nearby, couldn't manage to source newspapers.


Most large hotel groups like bleeding you when it comes to internet costs, and Emperors Palace is no different, with it costing R75 for 75 minutes or R89 for a day. This stands in contrast to the free internet we received at Casa Rex on our trip to Vilankulo, and also the free internet received at all hotels we stayed at in Barcelona.


It's such a pleasure lounging around the pool, sipping a fruit juice. There's a fountain in the middle of the pool, they provide towels and there's shade. In the evenings you can look at the fairy garden. Our 1-year-old loved swimming in the paddle pool.

In the evening at the pool Emperors Palace ran a Garden of Light, entrance was free, and this was a highlight for our 4-year-old daughter. who got her photo taken with Captain Hook and Father Christmas.

Sign posts

When exiting Emperors Palace, there isn't a signpost clearly indicating the direction to go to get to the airport.

Peermont Metcourt at Emperors Palace

Overall impressions

The hotel wasn't up to scratch, and if not for the entertainment available at Emperors Palace it wouldn't see my face again. I'll return to sample the food of Taste of Mumbai again, and especially if they've got an event like the Garden of Light, as generally I find if my kids enjoy a place it creates the space for me to, too!

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