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The Indaba hotel offers chalet rooms over a large estate.

Room tip

There are 3 main factors to take into account:

  • Ask for a room with a bigger bathroom

  • Rooms further away from the highway have less noise (rooms aren't soundproof).

  • Rooms are spread out over a large area, so only go for the rooms far from reception if you like walking (especially in summer there's the risk of rain)!

Overall Rating

4/5 - based on 1 review


(Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of SouthAfrica.TO)

2013-06-10 : Having stayed at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways previously, I had no doubt that I would enjoy a foyer room again, close to reception and the other hotel conveniences without much difficulty. On arriving at the hotel, I was affably surprised to see the usual cheery faces and delightful surroundings; however nothing could prepare me for what came next. After checking in, a porter accompanied me to my room � a room we reached after many-a�winding road and bend were crossed. Finding myself so nonplussed and disoriented after the confusing walk, I found I really couldn't muster a "thank you" and as I tried to climatise in my new environment, I felt terrible about this. Those bags were heavy and he truly tried to mark the landmarks and show me the roads. I should have thanked him! Nevertheless after scolding myself for not specifically securing a room in the foyer (and filing in my mind the necessity of doing this for every booking in the future, together with the 'is breakfast included?' question) I ventured out and tried to find the pathway back to the mainstream road. Once I climbed down the stairs and passed the lovely pool and relaxation area (despite the icy June conditions), I found that the pathway to the road was only a few picturesque steps away. The "pick-up stop" was actually right there as well. No stress! Of course I had a daunting time explaining to my friends that were picking me up for dinner that evening how to get to me, but I must have done a good job for they found it rather easily. Although I felt a little isolated, it wasn't unsafe, nor beyond the usual hotel services that one can look forward to � like room service etc. I woke up the next day to a beautiful sunrise and as I left the room, I remembered the porter's kind words: call for a pick up just before you leave your room! Well I did that and was pleasantly surprised to see the vehicle as I approached the stop. Within minutes I found myself at the bustling breakfast area relishing the coffee and hearty meal. The conference was enjoyable and the amenities at the hotel perfect. While I often found hotel food bland and unforgiving, this was actually the second time that I enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at this hotel. The meals the following day were equally inviting and delicious and I really must compliment the chef on the attention to detail and exceptional taste. I left the hotel happy and satiated and would not hesitate to recommend a must-stay to anyone finding themselves in the area, whether for pleasure or business. Great service, great food � what else do you need when you are away from home!

Rating = 4/ 5

How to get there

Hop onto a cheap flight to Johannesburg (preferably Lanseria Airport, as it's closer), hire a car at Lanseria Airport and then it should take about half an hour diriving, following the directions in the map below (it's 18km from Avis at Lanseria Airport to the Indaba Hotel):

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William Nicol Drive
South Africa

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