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Bloemfontein accommodation

Bloemfontein is the capital of the Free State Province of South Africa. Fashionable spots to stay are the Dersley Manor and City Lodge Bloemfontein. We recommend staying at Liedjiesbos Guest House. Look at the video below from when it was featured on Top Billing to understand why.

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Liedjiesbos Guest House

13 Frans Kleynhans Road
Free State
South Africa

Tel : 083 282 5701

Fax : 086 234 8572


Nico: Good evening and a warm welcome to Top Billing. Whilst it?s open to debate whether a butterfly flapping its wings here could cause a hurricane halfway around the world, tonight?s unique location in Bloem, has a remarkable butterfly roof, which certainly questions traditional building.

Narrator: On a Free State farm you might expect a bungalow shaped house with a white stoep or traditional Cape Dutch. With this property, however, architect Jan Smit has built a two bedroomed home that defies the extreme regional temperatures. He?s managed to create a remarkably temperate indoor climate, it?s all in the roof you see.

Nico: It?s incredible, I believe this once was a barn.

Architect: Yes, it was a very typical agricultural barn with steel structure and pitched roof, which we changed around into a house and then we kept the floor plan the same, the footprint of the building, and then added some scriptural elements on this side, in the sandstone. And that?s then contrasted a little bit with more slick elements like steel, the glass, so it?s a contemporary version of an agricultural setup. But obviously the corrugated iron, what would a Free State house be without corrugated iron.

Narrator: Jan and Petria run an award-winning architectural practice that focuses on interpreting landscape and climate in their designs.

Architect: It?s done quite a few things for us, it lets in Northern light into the building from a very high angle specifically for the winter. It also creates a wonderful connection with the landscape and it creates quite a beautiful space on the inside.

Narrator: Imagine one butterfly wing of the roof extending over the larger living spaces and another smaller wing covering the back and utility areas. When you?re inside, you immediately appreciate the concept of light versus volume. Custom designed fixtures give the interior a calm, practical framework for art and furniture.

Architect: My way of creating the illusion of space was by giving it much bigger volume. Another mechanism to keep the space open is that the wall between the living area and the bedroom and bathroom is not going up right through to the ceiling of the interior space, it actually acts as a dividing element rather than a wall.

Narrator: White linen on a brass bed is a strong visual reference to life on a farm from another era. But the clean, unfussy setting brings it directly into the present. The modern translation of an African vernacular turns keepsakes into talking points. The owners are avid world explorers. A more tightly disciplined traveller might leave large and fragile artwork behind but these ardent collectors simply made a plan.

Nico: Henning, I?m loving your interiors, it seems every piece has its own story .

Henning: Yes, Nico, we found stuff all over the world, like the painting at the back we found in Thailand. We couldn?t bring it like this so we took it off the frame, rolled it up and brought it as hand luggage.

Narrator: They bought these chairs in China. Their many precious objects have come into their own in their new space.

Henning: The cupboard we found in a railway auction. I just took the doors off and turned it on its side so that we can put all our collectables in there.

Narrator: As you look around your eye settles and then takes flight only to find another focus. Perhaps the butterfly effect has found a new application. While the d?cor is colourful and intriguing, the discipline of the interior finishes makes it work. Money was an object of concern, but if you?re a resourceful architect, you turn limited cash into creative solutions.

Henning: We had a very small budget, so we had to do things like not put carpets or tiles on the floors. Instead of wallpaper we painted the stripes on the wall. The rest of the walls we put on stickers. Initially it is expensive but you never have to repaint that wall again, so that saves you a lot of money.

Narrator: A gas hob makes for instant and economic design. The kitchen?s practical but far from sparse.

Henning: We used super wood and then we just painted it. The cement we just left like it was and then just put a layer of varnish on top of that.

Nico: It?s a very rough, earthy feel, I like it.

Narrator: Remember, that this was once a farm. Today it?s the garden that sustains the house. Henning?s pride is his greenhouse. But it?s not your average bean and tomato incubator. His veggies are exotic and his indigenous flowers, well travelled.

Henning: We also grow some things just because it?s beautiful or it?s edible. So, we?ve got some Chinese vegetables here which are really beautiful and really nice to eat.

Nico: What are these little guys?

Henning: These are called schinopsis multiflora, it?s a rare South African plant, indigenous to South Africa, but the funny thing is that we found it in Thailand of all places. So we asked my friend to send me a few but when we went to the airport to collect them he sent me two tons of bulbs. It doesn?t need too much sun so you can put? it in a shady spot in the garden. Don?t plant it too deep under the soil and it should be fine.

Nico: Now how is it that a plant that is indigenous to South Africa is very rare here?

Henning: I think what happened is that South African people didn?t appreciate indigenous plants for quite? few years and all of a sudden with the droughts that?s coming with global warming, people want to plant indigenous plants because it just makes more sense, its water wise.

Nico: Well, I?ve got to say, I love rare things , like my wife and Top Billing and I can?t wait to take this and plant it in my little garden at home.

Narrator: The plants that don?t live in the controlled environment have grown strong in outs of the struggle and that?s life in the Free State for you. As for the structure, it works on the land, because it too shares homegrown credentials.

Architect: The way that you use your materials, your design, the modulation of the building should be something that has to do with that specific landscape and the specific part of the world that you are working in. There?s no getting away from the extreme temperatures, but Henning has a plan for all season.

Nico: What is it that you like the most about your home?

Henning: Nico, what I really love the most is our coal stove during the cold winters we?ve got in the Free State. So we would open a bottle of wine and sit infront of the coal stove for hours, it?s really magical. And then of course, all the natural light that comes in through these windows. And looking at the stars during the night, seeing the moonrise, that?s the small things that make this home special.

Narrator: the quiet evenings, the signing of cicadas in summer, the creak of the roof as it cools after the heat of the day. The house offers the best of the rural life, a productive tract of land, a peaceful retreat and all the benefits of contemporary design.

Mayo Lodge

1 Mayo street
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 522 1098

Fax: 088 051 522 1098

Map of Bloemfontein


Angels Haven Guest House

97 Castelyn Drive
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 078 277 4322


Bayswater Lodge

80 Wilcocks Road
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 436 1004

Fax : 051 436 2356

Belmont Guest House

4 Sixth Street
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 448 8168

Fax : 086 661 7606

Bloem Spa

Rayton Road, LilyVale
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 436 1550

Fax : 086 628 7566

Boa Vida Guest House

94 Klerck Ave
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 444 4145

Fax : 051 444 4145

Brebner House Bed & Breakfast

84 Melville Drive
Free State
South Africa



Cell : 082 558 1945

Fax : 051 436 5271

Dersley Manor

10 Dersley Road,
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 082 558 1945

Fax : 086 570 9884

Earthsong Lodge

Free State
South Africa



Tel :012 470 5300

Fax : 012 470 5390

City Lodge Bloemfontein

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive
& Parfitt Avenue,
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 444 2974

Fax : 051 444 2192

Flo Ben Guest House

3 Paul Roux St
Dan Pienaar
Free State
South Africa


Tel : 051 436 7453

Fax : 051 436 2919

Hobbit Boutique Guest House

19 President Steyn Avenue
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 447 0663

Fax : 051 447 0663

Palm Lodge

10-12 Stapelberg Street Brandwag
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 444 6982

Fax : 051 444 6982

Protea Hotel Bloemfontein

202 Nelson Mandela Drive, Brandwag
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 444 4321

Fax : 051 444 5714

Protea Hotel Willow Lake

101 Henry Street, Willows
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 412 5400

Fax : 051 412 5404

Southern Sun BloemfonteinHotel

Cnr. Nelson Mandela and Melville Drive
Free State
South Africa


Tel : 051 ?444 253

Fax : 051 444 0671

Stanville Inn Hotel

85 Zastron Street
Free State
South Africa


Tel : 051 447 7471

Fax : 051 447 7514

The Golf Lodge Guest House

Aliwal St/Milner Rd
Free State
South Africa


Tel : 051 436 5370

Fax 051 436 5199

Tuin Huis Guesthouse

Garden wood St
Free State
South Africa



Tel : 051 525 2451

Fax : 051 525 2442

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