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SAA Voyager Premium credit cardApplying for an SAA Voyager credit card

Decided to go about applying for an SAA Voyager credit card (cant write about something you don't have!). The SAA Voyager credit card applications work through the Nedbank website.

Optimised for Internet Explorer

I didn't like it, but they wanted to collect my race for statistical purposes. Funny thing was that every time I tried to click "white" it reset to "black"... this only happens in Firefox, in Internet Explorer it works properly. Other Firefox problems are that:

  • the sizes of the pop-up windows aren't opened wide enough.

  • one of the screens has a really irritating habit of jumping up after inputting items.

I eventually gave up on trying to use Firefox - too difficult. I'd like it if they at least warn at the start to use Internet Explorer.

First up

Their first question to me was am I currently an SAA Voyager member (jip, I am) - guess they use this to link the points up.


Unlike the Kulula credit card and the Virgin Money credit card, the SAA Voyager credit card offers options:

  • Classic

  • Gold

  • Premium

The Classic is the lowest cost version (R300 per annum), so I chose it.

Qualification criteria

To qualify for the SAA Voyager Classic credit card you need to:

  • earn over R36,000 a year

  • be a resident of the Republic of South Africa

  • be over 21 years old (or over 18 if married)


The application site has a full list of titles from which to choose, including "Admiral", "His Royal Highness" and "Rabbi"'s good to see all bases are covered.

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