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Mango is Africa's Best Low Cost Airline
Well done to Mango Airlines on being named the Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa. With reviews like this one from Jackie Webber, it is no wonder they were named number 1 in Africa: "Very happy with Mango airlines - no problems, no complaints. Flight was on time - no delays. Will fly Mango anytime."

  • A Greyhound bus Greyhound Bus South Africa
    Looking for something cheaper than flights? Greyhound offers routes to destinations within South Africa as well as to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
  • A view of the Portuguese Island Cruise to Portuguese Island from Durban
    Portuguese Island is situated off of the coast of Mozambique, and is compromised of pristine stretches of beach skirted by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Book your cruise to Portuguese Island from Durban.

  • The captain of the MSC Opera standing next to a passenger Cruises with MSC 2015/2016

    Expect loads of photos to be taken on your cruise with MSC. They're expensive, but well worth it for the memories.

  • A Kulula airliner
  • Kulula Pilot keeps a cool Head amid Turbulence
  • Jene du Plessis wrote to us to congratulate a Kulula Airlines pilot on doing a great job: "My last flight on Kulula was quite scary as the plane experienced some turbulence and was very unstable just prior to landing, but the skilled pilot took control and landed the plane skilfully! I would rate it a five as I absolutely love the thrill of experiencing turbulence! It made for a more exciting flight."

    SAA plane from the boarding stairs looking at the tailfin Missing Shoe on SAA PE Flight

    In a first, a passenger walks off his flight with only one shoe after some shenanigans from the EP cricket team.

    Family on board an MSC Sinfonia cruise from Cape TownSinfonia cruise was our first

    An awesome experience on our first ever cruise on the MSC Sinfonia.

    A happy Mango Airlines passenger poses with plane tickets and their in-flight magazine

    Attentive, helpful Mango Staff

    On her Cape Town to PE flight, Ilse found the "hostesses on board were most attentive, helpful and efficient." Great to hear an upbeat review.

    posing in front of a Mango Airlines plane

    SA Express gets 5/5

    SA Express Airlines has received another 5/5 rating from a reader, making it is the best rated airline in South Africa with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Cheap Flights, Car Hire and Cruises

  • Ilha de MozambiqueIlha de Mozambique

    Ilha de Mozambique is a new addition to the MSC Sinfonia's itineraries, as seven day cruises from Durban no longer visit Madagascar. The island is the former capital of Portuguese East Africa, and has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy a fascinating blend of African, Portuguese, Arab and Indian culture as you explore the island.


  • FlySafair new routes.FlySafair adds Durban and East London Routes

    Since launching in October last year FlySafair has significantly expanded their routes! They launched with flights between JHB – CPT / CPT - PE / JNB - PE and soon added George flights. FlySafair are now adding flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Durban and East London from 25 Ocotber 2015.

                Breaking SA Travel News

                Last updated: 5 October 2015


                Weekend Cruises
                Relax and spend a weekend on an MSC Cruise to an exciting destination.

                Save 20%* on British Airways International Flights
                Save up to 20% on selected international routes to London, Europe and the North Atlantic. Book before the 31st of October 2015 to save on selected flights until the end of June 2016.

                Cape Town to Durban Land Travel Survey
                Our latest survey covers travel from Cape Town to Durban, for departures on the 23rd of October 2015.

                Passport applications at banks
                You can now apply for your passport and ID at your nearest participating bank.

                December 2015 and January 2016 Cruises
                Enjoy an MSC Sinfonia cruise from Cape Town or Durban during December 2015, or celebrate the new year with a cruise that departs during January 2016.

                Flights to Durban for the Spring Break
                British Airways offered the cheapest flights to Durban for the Spring Break party on the 24th of October 2015.

                December 2015 Holiday Cruise Packages
                Spend the December 2015 holidays on an MSC cruise to South America, the Arabian Gulf or the Eastern Mediterranean.

                FlySafair Weekly Deal
                Save on selected one-way FlySafair flights from R199*.

                Public Holiday Cruises
                Escape the public holiday rush with a cruise to an exciting destination.

                Fly Go Air Pietermaritzburg Flights
                From the 4th of October 2015 Fly Go Air will offer flights between Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg. These flights are also eligible for free* Budget car rental along with other Fly Go Air flights.

                November and December Cruises
                Cruise from Durban during November or December 2015, or book early for November and December 2016.

                Flights survey to Durban for the Jazz Xpression
                We surveyed flight prices from Johannesburg to Durban and Mango airlines offered the most affordable flight.

                Don't Miss Out on Regular MSC Specials
                We have compiled a list of regular MSC discounts.

                Skywise Unlimited Flying
                Unlimited flying with Skywise for only R7999*!

                Intercape Petrol Bombs
                Sadly two passengers passed away last night when a bus was set alight with three petrol bombs.

                Best value 3/4 Night Cruises February-April
                We have compared the best prices available for cruises that depart during February, March and April 2016, and compiled a list of the three most affordable cruises for each month.

                International Cruise Packages
                Discover the Persian Gulf during a seven night cruise onboard the MSC Musica, or explore the Mediterranean on the MSC Preziosa.

                Domestic Flight Survey to Cape Town
                We rounded up the cheapest flights to Cape Town for the Carly Rae Jepsen concert.

                British Airways Boeing on fire
                Passengers had to evacuate as the engine caught alight.

                20% Off FlySafair flights to and from Durban and East London today only!
                Book and save 20% on Durban and East London flights between the 25th of October and 30th of November 2015, today only!

                5 Nights or Longer Cruises
                Spend five nights or more relaxing on the MSC Sinfonia, during a cruise from Cape Town or Durban to a variety of destinations.

                Cape Town to Johannesburg Land Travel Survey
                Our latest survey covers transportation that departs on the 25th of September 2015, from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

                Flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg
                Mango offered the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg on the 16th of October 2015 to the Boomtown concert.

                KLM Dream Deals
                Save on KLM flights when you book flights before the 21st of September 2015. Travel before April 2016.

                MSC Sinfonia Cruises 2015/2016
                You don't have to break the bank if you want to enjoy a cruise experience, as we have compiled a list of cruises on the MSC Sinfonia for under R5,500* per person sharing an inside cabin, that depart during 2015 and 2016. *Prices are subject to availability and may have already changed.

                Cape Town Cruises 2016 and 2017
                Cruise from Cape Town to a variety of destinations on the MSC Sinfonia during 2016 and 2017.

                Domestic Flight Survey
                We compared flight prices from Durban to Johannesburg for the Smokie concert this October. Kulula offered the most affordable flight.

                Fly Blue Crane
                Read all you need to know about South Africa's latest airline here.

                MSC Sinfonia 2015 Cruises
                Cruise from Durban on the MSC Sinfonia during October, November and December 2015.

                Kulula Signs Hahn Air Agreement
                Kulula has signed an agreement with Germany's Hahn Air which effectively allows international travel agents to book domestic Kulula flights from overseas.

                Mango Happy Day Sale
                This is no R1 sale, but at least you can book it! The trusty Mango Happy Day Sale is back for more. Prices are very similar to last week, with flights starting from R525*. Selected travel dates are available until the end of September 2015. Just be sure to book before tomorrow 21h00m or availability runs out.

                International Cruise Deals
                Explore the Western Mediterranean with an MSC Preziosa cruise from Genoa that stops at a variety of destinations, such as Marseille and Barcelona. If you would prefer an Eastern experience, then the MSC Musica departs from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, with stops at destinations such as Dubai and Muscat. Book any of these international cruise packages before the 31st of August 2015, and you will receive a free* coffee package. * Limited to one package per cabin booked.

                MyCiti Buses
                Looking for one of the easiest ways to get around Cape Town? Read more about MyCiti coach services in Cape Town.

                Ten Cheapest MSC Sinfonia Cruises
                We have compiled a list of the ten cheapest MSC Sinfonia cruises, that depart during 2016.

                Cape Town to Durban Land Travel Survey
                Our latest survey covers travel options from Cape Town to Durban, that depart on the 11th of September 2015.

                MSCS Sinfonia School Holiday Cruises
                Enjoy an MSC Sinfonia cruise from Durban during the March/April 2016 school holidays.

                2016/2017 MSC Sinfonia Cruise Discounts
                Save up to 50% on the brochure rate for selected MSC Sinfonia 2016/2017 cruises from Cape Town and Durban.

                Airlink Pretoria Flights
                Scheduled flights between Pretoria and Cape Town take off this Sunday, the 16th of August 2015. This comes despite claims of refueling problems. Airfares are comparable to flights between Cape Town and Lanseria and OR Tambo.

                International Cruise Packages
                Travel from Cape Town to Venice during May 2016 on the MSC Sinfonia. If you prefer a tropical destination, then the MSC Divina Caribbean Cruise departs from Florida to San Juan in Puerto Rico during November 2015. Depart from Genoa during November 2015, on the MSC Preziosa Mediterranean Cruise.

              • Flight Survey from Johannesburg to Cape Town
                Mango offered the cheapest flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town for the Nicholis Louw concert.


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